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Meet Teresa Floyd

Owner of Flo Pilates Studio in Virginia Beach, VA.

For the past 17 years, Teresa Floyd’s been changing the way people workout by changing the way they perceive Pilates, themselves, and what they’re capable of.


At her Virginia Beach Pilates Studio, Teresa helps get her clients back in balance, build their strength, and transform their bodies in less time than they ever thought possible.


Through her work with with hundreds of clients (including NHL players and Cirque du Soleil performers) she’s seen first hand how Pilates can have you playing your sport like you’re 20 years old again. Teresa credits Pilates for helping her run 3 marathons in 3 months (including the Boston Marathon) with no formal training. She can help you get stronger, recover faster, and rehab your injuries to get you back in the game and performing better than ever.

Teresa wants to prove to you that spending 2 days per week in her pilates studio is more effective than 5 days a week at the gym.




There are many reasons people get involved in pilates..

  • Athletes want to prevent injuries, recover faster, and shave minutes off their mile.

  • Business professionals want to get their flexibility back, focus better, fight fatigue, reduce pain, and beat stress.

  • Parents and grandparents want to have more energy and less back pain so they can play like a kid again.


A lot of people come to the studio looking for a gentle workout, hoping to eventually ease their way into something more intense. They come for a therapeutic experience, but keep coming back because of how Pilates helps them get so much more out of everything else they do.

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